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Our Members

Attorney Nicole Chan has extensive cross-disciplinary academic and industrial experiences, having served as former Chairwoman of the National Communications Commission (NCC), Vice President of the Digital Transformation Association (DTA), Chairwoman of AADT, and Adjunct Professor at the National Chengchi University's College of Social Sciences. She has been involved in fields such as law, technology, and creativity, including digital development, innovative entrepreneurship, and regional innovation. She has contributed to the development of Taiwan's information society and communications industry.


Honorary Chair

Nicole Chan

Former Chairwoman of NCC

Taka served as a manager at the Industrial Technology Research Institute's (ITRI) Center for Large-scale Data Analysis and presided over related projects. He also assisted in coordinating technology policies at the Science and Technology Advisory Office of Executive Yuan. With government support, he has been organizing the Taiwan Blockchain Summit every year since 2016 and will soon be holding the 8th year in 2023. In 2019, Taka founded TABEI and in 2020 the association acquired the operating qualifications of N24 ARK.TPE Blockchain Incubation Base, with the goal of integrating hybrid scenarios for concept verification and increasing public and industrial understanding of blockchain and metaverse. 



Taka Kao

Co-Founder and COO of JOYSO

In addition to serving at the Institute for Information Industry (III), Reki is also an early participant in the research of blockchain technology in Taiwan, specializing in the research and development of blockchain related technologies, including Taiwan's first lightweight enterprise blockchain agent technology, enterprise blockchain node management platform, lightweight feature recognition technology combined with Ethereum smart contracts, IoT device smart contract management solutions, etc.


Executive Director

Reiki Wu

Lead of Blockchain Data Management at Institute for Information Industry

As a blockchain technology and application development trend expert, Jones has extensive research experience in technology development, innovative services, and business models. He is employed by both the Institute for Information Industry and the Industrial Technology Research Institute, integrating resources and research capabilities from both sides to maximize efficiency with minimum investment. The engineering data bank service he has developed has helped the Taichung City Government receive the global ICF Smart City first place recognition.


Executive Director

Jones Luo

Deputy Lead of Service System Technology Center at Industrial Technology Research Institute

Famous musicians and technologists. Partner of KKFARM. In recent years, Pochang has paid attention to how blockchain is applied to protect the copyright of digital content and whether the revenue sharing is open, transparent and fair. In 2019, Oursong was founded with investment from KKBOX Group, starting from “digital collections”, using blockchain technology to make collections “rare” and “traceable” to retrieve the value of the song or work itself.



Pochang Wu

Founder of OurSong

One of the three founders of the Taipei Ethereum community, and the Co-Founder and CTO of JOYSO. Taught many smart contract courses in Taiwan and abroad, and acted as a consultant for many blockchain projects. Completed many decentralized App products, such as JOYSO, the world's first hybrid decentralized exchange; LogoVote, a voting contract for Ethereum seminars; and Muzeum, a blockchain creative industry agreement.



Yung-Chen Hsieh

Early Investor in Blockchain Technology

The founder of GPUMINE, Taiwan's largest cryptocurrency mining pool, and the person in charge of B2, Taiwan's first shared office space focusing on the blockchain industry. In 2019, Taiwan's first blockchain shared office was established, and several well-known blockchain start-ups in Taiwan have already settled in. B2 is not just an office space, but a physical space that gathers talents and resources and integrates the development of Taiwan's blockchain industry.



Yu-Han Chu

Head of Block2

Graduated from the Institute of Computer Science, National Central University, and is responsible for JOYSO’s system architecture. He is an almighty developer with over a decade of software development experience and a regular contributor to many open source projects on GitHub, including js-sha3. Work experience includes front-end and back-end development.



Yi-Quan Chen

Chief Engineer at JOYSO

Partner and event director of BlockTempo. BlockTempo is the most influential blockchain industry media in Taiwan. BlockMeet is the most influential event in Taiwan's blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. It regularly holds offline gatherings every week, invites influential experts as speakers from various fields, and creates a complete community ecosystem.



Yu-Ding Lin

Head of Block Meet


Yu-Show Chou

Attorney-at-law of Chen & Chou Law Firm

Long-term contributions to social issues related to human rights, labor, and fairness laws. He is currently the President of Taiwan Association for Human Rights and the Director of Taipei Bar Association. He once served as a Director of Amnesty International Taiwan Branch. Specializes in corporate business investment, administrative relief, communication law, patents and trademarks, and also undertakes a number of legal services for blockchain startups.

Good at telecommunications, Fintech and financial fields. He has served in Taiyi Satellite Communications, Taiwan Mobile, Far EasTone and the Telecom Technology Center. He is responsible for the research on the centralized database management and related telecommunications regulations, linking resources in Taiwan and Asia-Pacific countries to hold multiple international forums on mobile payment, PKI, eID, etc. Good at strategic planning, government relations and cross-industry cooperation.



Mao-Jen Kuo

Technical Business Manager of CYBAVO

Founded Meizo in 2012 and has served as the General Manager until now. Meizo is a company that empowers the property management and furniture industry with IoT technology. Global market includes North America, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia and other countries. Since 2016, he has started angel investment including blockchain, investing in start-up companies such as Leadbest, FST network, etc.

截圖 2022-06-27 上午10.46_edited.jpg


Alec Liu

Founder and General Manager of Meizo

Founder of MinerSource and Urban Block, has been involved with Bitcoin technology and mining since 2011, participated in the first Bitcoin Annual Conference in Taiwan in 2014, started to set up an Ethereum mine in 2016, and founded MinerSource in 2017 to provide from components to the entire construction of the whole upstream and downstream cryptocurrency mining services. In 2021, the Urban Block Cafe was established to promote the integration of blockchain into daily life, hoping that people can easily and naturally experience blockchain applications.



Ted Chen

Founder of MinerSource

Currently the Manager of DDT in Cathay Financial Holdings, the Head of the blockchain team. The team is committed to the development of enterprise-level application alliance chains. In 2020, formed an alliance for inter-bank data exchange through blockchain for global trade blockchain sharing and passed the business trial of the banking bureau in 2021. In 2022, the property insurance alliance chain was further organized through the self-developed alliance chain, and 14 property insurance companies in Taiwan were invited to exchange claim data on the chain.



Nicholas Yang

Manager of DDT, Cathay Financial Holdings

In 2020, Neil was interviewed by Fortune Magazine and was awarded the top ten blockchain consulting companies in the Asia-Pacific region by the Silicon Valley Journal APAC CIO OUTLOOK. In 2021, he founded EchoX and launched the world's first "edible NFT" within half a year. In addition, he also serves as the Digital Director of Hong Kong Empire Technology and the General Manager of Taiwan Seven Senses, as well as the director of Easy Card Company. Starting from digital empowerment, Neil assists digital innovation in traditional industries through mature software technologies such as digitization and agile thinking.



Neil Lee

Founder of LeadBest Consulting Group

Tom has devoted a lot of efforts to the blockchain community, serving as the moderator of the Facebook Bitcoin Chinese Community with more than 40,000 members and the administrator of the Taipei Ethereum Community. Founded in 2016, JOYSO Enterprise is composed of several blockchain enthusiasts, aiming to promote blockchain-related applications and development. In addition to cooperating with large enterprises in Taiwan, it also participates in global technology research and development to promote the integration and adoption of blockchain in existing systems.



Tom Soong

Founder and CEO of JOYSO

Used to be an associate researcher of the Office of Science and Technology Report of the Executive Yuan, a researcher of the Business Development Research Institute, and a senior planner of the Institute for Information Industry. In 2021, he participated in the establishment of the NFTBoard, the global NFT indicator bulletin board, focusing on reporting important NFT application cases, and is committed to researching and promoting blockchain applications towards a healthy ecological environment, serving the general public to understand and pay attention to blockchain technology.

P6-3 NFTBoard_共同創辦人_張容彰.jpg

Executive Supervisor

Jonathan Chang

Co-Founder of NFTBoard

General Manager of Invest Taiwan Bilingual Magazine Monthly. Expertise: project content operation, digital content strategies, online and offline market planning, art and physical investment. She believes that the use of blockchain technology can solve the obstacles encountered by many content industries, and it may open up a greater potential market for creators, creating a new co-operation and sharing to promote innovation momentum.


Consultant of Contents

Fei-Fei Tseng

Co-founder of NFTBoard

Committed to creating a new era of supply chain financial services with the Web3 model. Daniel has more than 15 years of experience in software research and development. Founded BSOS in 2018, combining Real world assets with DeFi, activating the accounts receivable of the global supply chain, and gradually subverting the traditional supply chain financing model. In 2021, BSOS was selected by CB Insights as one of the 35 most promising companies in the global blockchain.

photo_2022-07-19 09.57.18.jpeg

Consultant of Technique

Daniel Huang

Founder and CEO of BSOS
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