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Guardian Alliance 2.0

We are "Guardian Alliance 2.0", a team composed of public and private sectors and NGOs. Our philosophy is to use technology and combine the power of the people to cooperate with the government to protect social security together and protect everyone with practical actions. We proposed the "Comfortable Living, Sustainability, Peace and Blessing" plan, hoping to achieve the goal of safe housing for all, sustainable services, and peace is a blessing.


Between Text and Translation

The team has engineers in different fields: hospitals, semiconductor industry, information security, system integration, etc. The cooperative partners include public departments and NGOs. Affected by COVID in the past two years, hospitals often need to quickly update the current announcements in order to cooperate with policies. They are usually released in the form of social media post cards to facilitate public reposting and sharing. This is also the most commonly used form of public sector policy promotion. However, social media post cards are not conducive for translation and internet searches. Thus, we provide a more friendly solution.

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The main benefits of the solution: After the forest fire occurs, it can be detected in the shortest time, and the fire can be effectively suppressed and extinguished at the beginning of the fire, so that the forest will not be destroyed and continue to play its ecological and carbon sequestration functions. It is recommended that the Forestry Bureau establishes a Forest Fire Rescue Foundation as a land revitalization platform to release underused forest land in the country for adoption by enterprises. Members of the foundation should be composed of  industries, government, academia, and the public. Ceasefire team volunteer as founding members to launch a new cooperation model for the revitalization of bamboo forests.


Transparent Footprint

The Green Citizen Action Alliance Transparent Footprint Project is committed to promoting sustainable transformation of enterprises through information disclosure and application. The tools currently launched include: a transparent footprint website that monitors corporate environmental sanctions records, a consumer environmental movement APP  “Scans and Buys”, an ESG detector that integrates corporate sustainability data, and a net-zero path simulation device that examines corporate carbon reduction commitments and performance .


Turing Certs

Solve the world's fraudulent problem and create a digital identity and history file for everyone through the blockchain. At present, 120 governments, schools, and institutions in 9 countries and regions have begun to use our digital certificate tool, issuing tens of thousands of digital certificates, providing graduation certificates, professional ability certificates, real estate contracts, agricultural product history, green electricity certificates, and carbon rights certificates. Let's build a paperless, secure and private, 100% zero-carbon digital future together

Image by Jonas Leupe

FinTech alliance

Understand the real needs of the people through fulfilling social responsibilities, serve as a bridge between the people and the government for supervisory collaboration and supervisory communication, and reflect issues in advance through government authorization or cooperation to reduce the difficulty of future innovation and sandbox experiments. Let the experience of theory and practice be obtained, and financial technology education can be generally rooted downward.


Ocean and Sky

We are a group of people who love the ocean. We come from schools, enterprises, NGOs, and related government units. We see that Taiwan’s oceans are in danger. We usually participate in beach cleaning activities and find that marine waste can be reused. Through the attempts of enterprise partners, a blue economic cycle was proposed, hoping to clear more marine waste out of the sea, reduce the continuous damage to the ocean, and record every link on the chain to make efforts and contributions to our marine environment.


Street Doctor

Through the "All People Participation in Street Improvement Decision-Making Plan Platform", a channel for communication with the public is established. Through the overlay analysis of the current sidewalk conditions, social, economic and environmental data, and public participation, it is possible to identify the road sections that most urgently need improvement. Combined with the public's initiative and the assistance of the central government's funds, a consensus on the sustainable safety of the streets was formed, which removed the obstacles of walking on the streets one by one, and opened up the streets, so that the public can pass without hindrance.


Decentralized Fact Auditor

It is hoped that in the way of a decentralized prediction market (The prediction market is an activity that allows the public to judge and bet on a single event. If the judgment is correct, people will win the bargaining chip, and if the judgment fails, people will lose the bargaining chip), through the power of the public to distinguish authenticity: "By the operating principle of predicting the market, it will be possible to produce a fairly accurate indicator for a single objective fact under the action of the market. The public can use this indicator as an instant basis for judging the authenticity, and the fact check report will be completed before the completion of the report. People can learn the reference information from the wisdom of the crowd at the first time."


Jones 專業照 - Jones Lo.JPG

Kuo-Shu Lo

Vice Team Lead, Service System Technology Center, Industrial Technology Research Institute

Rex图片 - Rex Lin.png

Rex Lin

Founder of Metawave

S__57499702 - David Lo.jpg


CEO and founder of GoodPoint Exchange

AppWorks Joseph.jpg

Joseph Chan



川貝母雞 - 黃彥霖.jpeg





Hua-Yan Lee

Blockchain Application Planner, Blockchain Application and Development Institute, General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China

baypay_cso - Marx Wang.jpeg

Marx Wang




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