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About the WAGMI Pitch Battle

Sean M. King

Sean has been in Blockchain for over 5 years and has started and run multiple projects, including EOS exchange, a launchpad platform, and recently a DAO. He is currently Taiwan Country Manager for Deribit, the world's top centralized crypto options exchange.

IMG_20221031_233314 - Sean.jpg

Chang-Wu Chen

Dr. Chang-Wu Chen is currently the Chief Scientist of imToken, responsible for the technical research and development of imToken Labs, including the design of next-generation wallet products, the contract of the decentralized exchange Tokenlon, and also focuses on the import of Layer 2 technology.

imToken-horizontal - Chang-Wu Chen.png
changwu_life - Chang-Wu Chen.jpg

Noah Yeh

g0v contributor, da0 organizer, shaping the intersection of web3 and commons in Taiwan. Designing practical yet imaginary strategies in NFT and DAO, first Taiwanese to be admitted at Parsons executive global program, also an American football player and commentator of Super Bowl.

40276482_10156138626817659_5521069687506468864_o - Noah Yeh.jpg

Bill Hsu

Bill has been in the crypto market since 2017 and gone through several bull and bear markets. Before joining Kronos, he worked as an equity analyst for a life insurance company, focusing on healthcare, software, and Internet industry. After realizing crypto is going to disrupt different industries in 2021, he decided to delve into the rabbit hole as an analyst at Kronos Ventures.

Bill_Personal Picture - Leo Su.jpg

David Wu

Recognized as a leader of technology innovation in Taiwan and Asia, David brings experience in building international e-commerce and mobile businesses. His past tenures have included global IT firms, professional sports teams, and Web3 companies. MS Carnegie Mellon.

1001002 - Rena Charlotte.jpg

Karen Tang

Founding member of several Internet start ups, and an angel investor, Karen
has more than 20 years of experience in product, technology, branding, marketing, and business operations in the internet and travel industry. In 2008, she was a founding member of Qunar and served successively as the Director of Product Development and Content through its successful IPO (NASDAQ: QUNR) in 2013. Karen joined Atour Lifestyle in 2018 as VP of Branding, a leading Hotel and Lifestyle group in China. Karen led the company through a successful IPO (NASDAQ:ATAT) in November 2022.

64D1FF1F-85F6-4B9C-A77F-210BCAFFB11A - KT.jpeg

Po Chen

ex-Morgan Stanley, once a miner and farmer in India. Now an engineer and believes that blockchain can change the world. Bored Ape Taiwan Club (BATC) co-founder, DNA Club. The most Web3 Biological Technology Social experimenter.

logo v3.0 (1) - Chen PoHan.png

Blues Lin

Blues has 11 years experience in the digital and technology industry. He is dedicated in Web3 as Business Development Manager at Google Cloud. Being an enthusiasm to help and support the whole ecosystem, he has experienced collaborating with many Web3 builders and developers to thrive the businesses.


Kevin Ho

TMI Co-founder


Eefy Lin

Google Cloud Engineer, responsible for "Gaming" and "Web3" industry. Pursuing and promoting "New Technology" is his goal and mission. Working as a "technique lecturer" and "data specialist" at Google, engaging with customers' projects to assist them to reach their needs.

code-happy-muhshot (4) - Eefy Lin.png


Total Awards :
20,000 USDC + 10,000 GCP Credits



20,000 USDC distributed through Quadratic Funding
5,000, 3,000 and 2,000 GCP credits for
Top 3 projects



Marking Criteria

Feasibility 40% - 

  • Has obtained internal or external information

  • Regulations allowed or can be adapted

  • Performance/results can be imported into the operation of public services

  • Possibility of applying into blockchain scenarios

Social Impact and Popular Participation 30% - 

  • Meets social and popular needs

  • Highly reproducible

  • Quadratic Funding is involved

Innovation 30% - 

  • The degree of innovation in cross-industry cooperation

  • The flexibility of innovative services and technologies


HedgeSPA-Logo-Full-Resolution (transparent).png


HedgeSPA is an investment analytics boutique with serial-award-winning expertise in public market and private market investments. Our founder was a Managing Director at BlackRock’s Portfolio Management Group in New York, where he built the multi-asset functionality on BlackRock’s Aladdin platform, based on his own background IP. That’s how we got funded by the Singapore Government to rebuild from scratch.


Decentralized Fact Auditor (DFA)

DFA's goal is to decrease fake news on the internet which allows users to stake their tokens to prove the fact of the news they publish. Users can also stake tokens to prove that news are fake.

Also, unlike Web2 media which is centralized, the DFA DAO will verify whether the news is fact or fake.

gotEM logo.png


gotEM is an OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) platform to crowdsource and crowdfund for global investigations and private security. This platform is to be used for recourse and to further create transparency and global welfare for individuals in crisis. Our platform would make it possible for people all over the world to gather to congregate and collaborate for individual to large scale investigations or private security concerns. The platform makes it affordable to launch a mission from your mobile device and raise funds through crowdfunding.



MotionsCloud automates damage detection & assessment processes via 4 modules: M1: IoT sensor device to automate damage notification & get 1st insight of the accident (In partnership with BOSCH). M2: An augmented reality guidance mobile web-based app for users to perform a simple self-inspection. M3: An AI computer vision technology to evaluate & analyze photos/videos taken from M2, which generates a damage assessment report in minutes. M4: An optional remote live video inspection for more complicated cases in which an expert can perform remote inspections & check via mobile web app.


zero-knowledge orderbook system ZK(OBS)

The team members are from TKSpring, including front-end and back-end and smart contract engineers. We are building a new generation of DeFi products, the fixed-income and structured products, which will become the most stable cornerstone of DeFi.
We will use the ZKP technology to solve the scalability problem on Ethereum, and establish an order book trading system based on ZKP, so that users can enjoy the most efficient transactions without gas fees in DeFi.



We are a group of strategists, designers, and engineers teamed up to enable creators around the globe and create a culture of collaboration. We are doing this by building 1TM, a decentralized collaboration platform where everyone gets rewarded for their work and participation.

G-click 的複本 (1).png


G-Click is a concept of decentralize-ESG project. Due to the global trend of ESG and SDGs, we believed the feature of blockchain 3T (Trust, Transparency & Traceability) can be fully applied for the MRV (Measure, Reporting & Verification) when cooperates work on ESG. We aim to provide a service for corporations and customers to realize SDGs with just a click, earn the honorable NFT as a receipt, and record their sustainable actions in a trustworthy and easy way.

Hepta Protocol Logo.png

Hepta Protocol

Hepta Protocol is a blockchain-based platform where corporates can subscribe to well-curated ESG initiatives. We believe the transparency embedded in blockchain technology will boost the efficiency and save extra costs for enterprises.
We will use the ZKP technology to solve the scalability problem on Ethereum, and establish an order book trading system based on ZKP, so that users can enjoy the most efficient transactions without gas fees in DeFi.


Edu-Fi is a learn-to-earn platform aiming to motivate children in remote countrysides to learn. Cooperating with enterprises to reward the children to learn and get skills certificates.

Logo .png


MR3 provides services to build medical records on the blockchain. Give people more flexibility in choosing where to seek medical care and help. At the same time, people can get better business applications and privacy.

1 M9H7ONSvDySWVwhTguIjDQ.png

Zomma Protocol

ZOMMA aims to be the underlying fuel for all on-chain financial products, focusing to
contribute to the DeFi world by building an array of innovative and diversified products,
that include staking, yield mining, buy & sell European style options, settlements and
with the highest capital efficiency to achieve a win-win for all our ecosystem participants.



We are team X-city. We are dedicated to creating a fair, just, and transparent online social environment. Our team members come from computer science and legal areas; we believe the combination is promising for implementing such radical online social and organizational reform. All members have dived into the crypto area for years; some are experienced smart contract developers and researchers, and some are experienced software engineers in the internet industry. We are trying to develop some exciting applications which can realize the ideal. We hope we can present some attractive and practical in making the world better.



Founded in 2019, Rooit has 1.2M users around the world, creates 300K+ matches every month. Rooit is backed by Rakuten, Techstars Accelerator, Expara Venture and more. Rooit’s mission is to make everyone find a confidant, end loneliness.

Rooit is moving forward to become the No.1 Web3 Friend-making app based on Ethereum. Users can create their own identity, stories and earn $STAR tokens by raising their alien pet: “ROO”.

截圖 2022-11-10 下午4.39.29.png


Our team members came from diversity of background of medicine, bioinformatics and blockchain industry. we focus on building biotech development through web3 with "global" in model. pRoots is our efforts on building tools to empower people to store, share, annotate and learn genomic data in DeSci ecosystem.


From Learners to Learners

JunyiAcademy is an education NGO, providing digital learning platform for students from elementary school to high school. We believe that “every child, from all backgrounds, can be a lifelong learner.” In the past 10 years, we have more than 4,200k registration and 83k active users in Taiwan. With this energy and power, we would like to keep helping students by moving from web2 to web3. Therefore, there will be more interaction among our donators, users and us, and it’s an important step to complete the vision.

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